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Health insurance is a vital part of your full planning picture. Without it your safety and the safety of your family is jeopardized; most qualified heath care providers will not treat you without health insurance.

As we all know, health care is very costly; a prolonged illness or serious injury can easily bankrupt a family without insurance. Not having it is an endangerment to everything you have.

Types Of Health Insurance

Group insurance is usually purchased through an employer or an association. Since the provider can average the health status of the whole group, they benefit from economies of scale and protection from "adverse selection". Adverse selection is when a disproportionate number of unhealthy people apply for insurance because they know they will have reason to use it. This risk is what makes individual insurance so costly.

Short term medical is a good option to those who are temporarily without group health insurance. Since the majority of people seeking individual health insurance need it as a temporary remedy, we highly recommend short term medical insurance as an effective alternative. Short term medical can protect you if you are between jobs, waiting for employer group coverage, a temporary employee and other similar circumstances. It is often reasonably priced and offers coverage for a period of about o­ne to six months.

Individual health insurance is bought by the insured directly, and tends to be more expensive and places more preexisting conditions upon the insured than group insurance. If you are self-employed, you have the option of purchasing individual insurance yourself or purchasing it through an association or other related group. Unless you are in excellent health, purchasing through an association or group will probably give you the best rates.

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