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Auto Insurance is probably the most shopped product in the insurance line, and it's no wonder. It can be expensive and frustrating. Our aim is to try and take out the mystery, make the experience easier, as inexpensive as possible and personal.

Why do I need auto insurance?
State law requires that all drivers be able to pay for (to be financially responsible for) damages resulting from the ownership or operation of a auto. The simplest method of meeting this requirement is by purchasing a auto insurance policy. The insurance policy is a contract which promises that if you pay money now (the "premium"), the insurance company will pay for certain bills if an accident or loss occurs in the future.

Do I need higher limits?
You should consider purchasing liability insurance with higher limits than the minimum required. Considering the amount of recent jury awards, the extra cost for the additional coverage may be well worth it. Jury awards can easily be more than $300,000 in view of increasing hospital medical care and auto repair costs.

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